Dressed for the Occasion

Does your little one leak through his diapers? Like to strip down before falling asleep? Wake up whenever you cover him? If so, here are some practical tips to avoid these common sleep interruptions.

Leaky diapers. There are a number of simple solutions for a baby or toddler struggling with leaky nighttime diapers.

·      Use diapers one size larger than his regular, daytime diapers. We use Bambo diapers for day and night, but use one size up at night.
·      Or try an extra absorbent nighttime diaper. Huggies overnites are another highly absorbent option.
·      If you find yourself without a nighttime diaper, consider placing a maxi pad inside his regular one or doubling up.

Disrobing. Yes, you will certainly look back at these moments and laugh. But, when your toddler decides to strip as part of his falling asleep routine, it can wreak havoc on his (and your!) nights. My advice is to head him off at the pass.

·      A strip of electrical tape, strategically placed across the top of his diaper (covering both tabs), can work wonders for keeping a diaper intact.
·      Try placing his zippered pajamas on backwards (zipper up the back).

Blanket Replacing. Summer is around the corner, but on the Cape and Islands, evenings are almost always cool. If you are losing sleep wondering if your baby has rolled out from under his blanket again or he wakes every time you cover him, it’s time to try a new approach.

·      Layer up with two sets of pajamas or a onesy underneath his pajamas.
·      Use a sleep sack over his regular pajamas. It will keep his body and toes warm without impeding his movement. And it has the added benefit of preventing a would-be crib climber from making his escape (at least until he figures out how to work the zipper!). There are many on the market, but my children use this one in the summer and this one for the rest of the year.